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Creating Halcyon days

The four Williamson brothers from Devonport followed wiggly career paths that led to all of us working together in 1991 in a graphic design/illustration business called "Tradewinds". After a decade of work under that banner Matthew, Luke and Fraser Williamson created two businesses - Halcyon Design and Red Shark Illustration. Fraser moved on to further his artistic endeavours as Red Shark, whilst Matthew and Luke continued with graphic design and publishing in the new Halcyon Design form. Our studio is now based in Warkworth and we still work with clients we gained back in 1991.

We apply the best creative and budget considerations to every project we do and, being a small group, we are very aware that personal involvement is the key to good communication and delivery. Check our Services & Portfolio page to see what we do and then get in touch for an obligation free chat about your needs.

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