Good citizens always stop for the traffic lights. Matthew and Fraser – hunter/collectors and good citizens.

Mum and David demonstrating the fine art of 'frolicking' at Pakiri beach. We at Halcyon Design still practise this art.


'Trust the Sun'

Anderson Paak

'Heart Don't Stand a Chance'

Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon

'Sigh No More'

Guy Garvey

'Harder edges'

Steve Vai

'For the Love of God'

Alison Krauss


Alabama Shakes

'Gimme All Your Love'


'No More'

Balu Brigada

'Could You Not'

Alina Baraz & Galimatias

'Pretty Thoughts'


'No stars in the city'

Drax Project


Halcyon Design Limited is a family-run communications and graphic design studio which has been in business since 1991. In that time we have collected a loyal group of clients who appreciate our creativity, reliability and understanding of their businesses. The aim of this website is to demonstrate our love of design, family and the ocean, those being the essential elements of our studio personality. So, if great ideas, easy communication and reliability are core values for you, then contact us. Join the family and let the halcyon days begin.

Below is a quick selection of our work. However, for a more in-depth look at the portfolio items, click on the relevant image and a new window will pop up with more information and images. Please have a browse through but ask us if you are looking for a particular style or format – chances are that we have done it at some stage.

Below is a slideshow of our published work. To see pdf samples, click on the main image of the book.


The latest news is that Penguin are re-releasing the ABC and Colours board books as bilingual Māori/English books. Yay! Keep an eye out for them at your local book shop or online.

A changing selection of bits and pieces that we come across that we think are interesting, funny, provocative or just intriguing.

Yes indeed, you lucky, lucky, lucky little piglets ... you are now able to get your snouts into the trough of spiritual, if not financial, wellbeing, and gorge yourselves to a standstill. Halcyon Design Priority-Plus A-grade 7.5-Star Shares (HDPPAG7.5SS), and all the goodness that goes with them, are now available by clicking here. Or read all about them in our Annual Report which you can send on to your friends - you'll be doing them a favour!

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Click here to see a selection of Luke's writing.


Sometimes Fraser produces work that seems even more stunning than usual. Here, in my opinion, is one of those pieces.


Halcyon knows its limits and real marketing and strategy advice is best left to experts. Structure Marketing is an excellent place to go for that sort of thing. In their own words: "We create smart strategies that help you get the best results from every single one of your marketing dollars. Marketing that ensures your brand is known, that keeps customers returning, that connects you to your market. With Structure Marketing you'll get a srong marketing base that ensures you can spend more time doing your business and less time wondering how to market it."


We got sick of all the negative, biased crap we were reading in mainstream media, so we put together our own little mag called Seed. It offers a sort-of-vision for where we could be in 40 years time if we made some good choices now, plus some other random musings. Take a look and see what you think and/or get in touch and I will mail out a printed copy to you.

Issue Two is due out in 2017.


The story and the video.


If you feel like you need a bit of inspiration for your training sessions, or you've just run out of ideas, click here for all our Swimbiosis training programmes. If you want to join the Swimbiosis squad training, get yourself down to the Mahurangi College pool on Sunday, 8.30am – 9.30am (with coffee, choccy biscuits and banter afterwards).

The four Williamson brothers from Devonport followed wiggly career paths that led to all of us working together in 1991 in a graphic design/illustration business called "Tradewinds". After a decade of work under that banner Matthew, Luke and Fraser Williamson created two businesses - Halcyon Design and Red Shark Illustration. Fraser moved on to further his artistic endeavours as Red Shark, whilst Matthew and Luke continued with graphic design and publishing in the new Halcyon Design form. Our studio is now established in Warkworth and we still work with clients we gained back in 1991.

We apply the best creative and budget considerations to every project we do and, being a small group, we are very aware that personal involvement is the key to good communication and delivery. Check out Our Work to see what we do and then get in touch for an obligation free chat about your needs.

Luke at Goat Island, c.1970

Maz in the garden of our original family home in Devonport, c.1961

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Goat Island, 1967.

(l to r) Fraser, Dad (Miles), David, Matthew, Luke

When you see this guy, click on him to hear a music track that we are currently enjoying. Below him will appear the name of the artist and track so that you can search for them in iTunes.

Matthew and Fraser working on early plans for a transport business

027 381 2189


27 Fidelis Ave

Snells Beach 0920