Coffee capsules 2u

Patrick Cole launched a new business in 2016, Coffee Capsules 2U, selling Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules. The features of the brand are that they are half the price of the branded capsules but just as delicious, and they are recyclable. The initial design solution was printed in one or two colours on recycled paper, and emphasised the value-for-money and recyclable features of the product. Once Patrick was well established, we set about refining the branding.

Patrick's desire was to inject some more lifestyle into the branding but maintain the friendly, local and good value character he had already built up. We invited Carlene Managh of Hummingbird Creative to help us work up the look Patrick was after. We also brought in Brijana Cato to do the photo shoot for the new packaging and lifestyle shots we wanted.

This was an interesting project in that it took our clients, Patrick and Louise, a while to get comfortable with bringing in new people, but once they chatted over the concept with Carlene, they were sold. When they saw the images at the end and experienced the resulting ads, website update and promo video, they were ecstatic with the results.

It was really nice that they put their faith in what we can do and people we can recommend. The business is going from strength to strength, and breaking turnover records regularly.

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